Beautiful Boy at People's Light Theatre

Beautiful Boy A Hatchling Production 
May 30 - June 24

Beautiful Boy is a play written by Associate Artistic Director Pete Pryor which explores the  process of a father coming to terms with his son’s diagnosis of autism. This play earned  Pete Pryor an Independence Foundation Fellowship. It captures the frustration, anger, humor, and most of all love experienced by ALL families by exploring the experience of navigating the care of a child who has special needs. Many of the artists involved in the critically acclaimed A Wrinkle in Time, will also be working on Beautiful Boy. People’s Light launched our “Hatchling Reading Series” this season to hear and discuss plays-in-progress by members of our Resident Company and local artistic community. A Hatchling Production takes the next step in this development process. This bare-bones staging of Beautiful Boy provides Pete Pryor the ability to explore his script in space with actors and designers. Each night, after the play there will be an open discussion with the audience. This discussion will offer our audiences the opportunity to be part of a distinctive
theatrical experience where their imagination, energy, and responses directly feed the early life of a new play.

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Location: People’s Light & Theatre 39 Conestoga Road, Malvern, PA 19355