Ticket Giveaway to see Kubota Raceway Makeover at Crayola Experience

Attention all speed enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the Kubota Raceway Makeover is revving up and coming to the Crayola Experience in Easton from August 10th - September 5th! Get ready for an action-packed, limited-time experience that combines the thrill of racing with the creative magic of Crayola. This exciting national tour is a must-see event for families and individuals of all ages, so don't miss your chance to be a part of it!

What to Expect

The Kubota Raceway Makeover at Crayola Experience is a specially curated event that features dozens of hands-on, raceway-themed activities inspired by Kubota equipment. From kid-sized racecars to toy excavators, there's something for everyone to enjoy! Here are just a few of the thrilling experiences waiting for you:

🏁 Hop In and Snap a Pic: Climb into a kid-sized Kubota racecar and race truck for an adrenaline-pumping photo opportunity! Imagine yourself as a pro-racer and capture the moment to cherish forever.

🏁 Race the "RAT RACER": Take part in the excitement of the Rat Racer race, a thrilling competition down a ramp towards the finish line. To add a touch of Crayola creativity, the racers are customized with fun Crayola accessories, making each race unique and colorful.

🏁 Be a Racing Broadcaster: Step into the shoes of a racing broadcaster at the Channel 64 Newscast. Record your own thrilling racing commentary and share your excitement with friends and family.

🏁 Pit Crew Challenge: Think you have what it takes to change tires faster than a pit crew? Test your skills and see if you can match the lightning-fast pace of professional pit crews.

🏁 Real Kubota Equipment: Get up close and personal with real Kubota equipment, including an RTV, mower, and tractor. Marvel at the power and precision of these impressive machines.

🏁 Virtual Kubota Tractor: Ever wondered what it feels like to drive a powerful Kubota tractor? Now you can experience it in a virtual simulator game. Take the wheel and conquer virtual landscapes like a pro.

🏁 Crayon Box Loading: Use toy excavators to scoop and load crayon boxes into the raceway's prize cannon. A fun challenge that combines the world of construction with the joy of racing.

🏁 And More: The fun never ends at the Kubota Raceway Makeover! With so many exciting activities to choose from, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Ticket Giveaway

Excited about the Kubota Raceway Makeover? We are too! To celebrate the launch of this thrilling event, we are offering a ticket giveaway for a lucky few. Enter for a chance to win 2 free tickets and be a part of this unforgettable experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of racing and creativity with Kubota and Crayola.