A Review of Arden Children's Theatre Presents Peter Pan

Are you looking for an adventure this holiday season? Maybe one that will take you to “where dreams are born, and time is never planned.  Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Neverland.”  I know just the place that will take you to Neverland. Arden Theatre Company celebrates the 20th Anniversary Season of Arden Children’s Theatre with Peter Pan.  

My family and I had the chance to see this amazing show.  If you have been to the Arden Theatre for a show before you know that they always add a different perspective to the original story.  With Peter Pan, the story is the same but it's brought to life in a new way.

The story starts out with Wendy as a mother raising her daughter Jane.  Some of my favorite characters from Peter Pan are also grown up.  Michael, Wendy's brother is there and so is Charlotte, Wendy, and Michael's mother.  Wendy's daughter asks for the family to tell her a bedtime story about Peter Pan.  The family recounts their past adventures with Peter Pan.  As Jane falls asleep the audience is taken back in time to when Wendy first met Peter Pan and how she and Micheal flew to Neverland with Peter.  Don't fret Captain Hook, Smee, the Lost Boys and even Tiger Lily are all part of the story.

I always love how creative the Arden Theatre is about how they tell a story.  It's always outside of the box, which I feel helps the children in the audience to encourage them to use their imaginations.  My two favorite creative effects in the story were the lights they used for Tinker Bell and the camper becoming the crocodile.

I grew up reading and watching the movie Peter Pan as a child but seeing it as an adult/mother, the story took on a whole new meaning.  As a child, I thought that going to a magical place with no responsibilities or parents meant a world of fun and adventure.  As a mom, I realized that when Wendy allowed Jane to go to Neverland with Peter Pan she was letting go as a mother and allowing Jane to grow up and spread her wings.  

Don't miss the chance to see an amazing show with your family this holiday season.  Peter Pan is now playing through January 28th.