International Carrot Day Celebration Paoli Library

International Carrot Day Celebration
Friday, April 4th
4-5 pm

International Carrot Day is celebrated every year on April 4th and it's the pinnacle for carrot lovers all around the world. So, we're having a Carrot-Fest at the Paoli Library! Did you know that the carrot was first grown for medicine, not food? Or that the World's Longest Carrot recorded was over 19 feet long? Did you know that carrots are not always orange? (They can also be purple, white, red or yellow.) Well, there are more fun facts to share and fun to be had! Come dressed in orange as we read carrot books, play carrot games, and make a carrot craft! For Ages 4-6. Register here.

For information and to register: visit or call 610-296-7996.

Location: Paoli Library- 18 Darby Road, Paoli

This event is appropriate for:  ages 4-8