Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Sort of Thing: Down with the Crown

Collaborative Arts and Eastern University Theatre presents Winter Sort of Thing:

Down with the Crown

January 30th - 7pm
January 31st - 11:30am, 7pm
February 1st - 1pm, 7pm
February 2nd - 1pm

About the Show
The King stinks. And the adults seem happy to do nothing about it. It's up to the kids to change things in the quiet hamlet of Blankety Blank Bay. But who knew revolution would prove so difficult?

Come 1/2 hour earlier for all shows for the Renaissance Circus

About Winter Sort of Thing

"Where do you go when the temperature drops and the snowflakes start to swirl? Where there's scarves and hats and coats and mittens on every boy and girl? What do you know when the cold old North Wind starts to sing? It's time for a Winter Sort of Thing!"

Every year near the end of January, when the wind is blowing and the flurries are falling, when the football season is down to two teams, when the glow of the holidays is near to worn off, Yes! And… Collaborative Arts and Eastern University Theatre break into your world with a brand new musical adventure – a Winter Sort of Thing!

For more informationhttp://www.wintersortofthing.com

Location:   Eastern University McInnis Auditorium- St. Davids, PA

Cost: $10 General Admission

$8 Seniors and 12-under
$5 with College ID
Group rates available

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