The Colonial Theater presents "Can You Climb Everest?"

Can You Climb Everest?

Sat, Oct 8, 2:00 pm

Join Everest mountaineer Paul Deegan on a virtual ascent of Mount Everest. Decide how to travel from Phoenixville to Everest Base Camp, learn about the Sherpas who inhabit the valleys surrounding the mountain, and work out ways to reduce the expedition’s environmental footprint. Select the clothing and equipment you need to survive in sub-zero temperatures, choose the climbing route to the summit, and discover the secret of the Yeti. By the end of this dynamic and visually breathtaking event, you will feel like you have been to the top of the world. 

For more information:

Location:  227 Bridge Street Phoenixville PAPA

This event is appropriate for: Ages 8-12.

Cost: $8.50 per person