Stratton's Wynnorr Farm Barn Yard Maze

Stratton's Wynnorr Farm, one of the last working farms in Westtown Township, Chester County, PA announces the opening of two Barn Yard Corn Mazes for the fall season. The large three acre corn maze offers an educational theme for children and adults. The small one acre maze offers simple enjoyment for younger children and their parents.

Offered as part of their Fall Harvest Celebration, Stratton's Barn Yard Maze will be open every weekend through the end of October, including evening flashlight mazes on Friday and Saturday until 9:00 pm.. Maze Walkers will search for a series of educational stations based on a farm animal and farm products theme. Three levels of questions will be offered for various ages of children and adults. Maps of the maze showing the location of stations will be available to all Maze Walkers.

In addition, Strattons will also be offering a Barn Yard Race - Pedal Go-Karts for all ages offer good exercise and fun at the same time., and a Barn Yard Bulls Eye - a long distance apple sling shot with targets to aim for. Strattons also have hayrides to the pumpkin patch, pick your own pumpkins, a large selection of locally grown apples, fresh apple cider, and all kinds of fall decorations including locally grown mums, gourds, straw bales, and cornstalks.

For more information:

1631 East Street Road in Westtown

This event is appropriate for: the whole family

Barn Yard Corn Maze

Small and Large Corn Maze for all ages- Price - $6.00

Barn Yard Race – Pedal Go Karts- Price - $6.00

Barn Yard Bulls Eye – Long Distance Apple Sling Shot- Price – 10 for $2.00

Combo Pack Prices:
Corn Maze & Apple Sling Shot (10 apples) - $7.00
Pedal Go Karts & Apple Sling Shot (10 apples) - $7.00
Corn Maze and Pedal Go Karts - $10.00
Corn Maze, Pedal Go Karts, Sling Shot (10 apples) - $11.00

Other Activities included as part of Combo Pack:

Ropes Maze, Calf Lasso, Playground Equipment