Mess Fest at The Franklin Institute

MESS FEST at The Franklin Institute

Saturday & Sunday, August 11–12 & 18–19
12pm – 4pm  |   Free with museum admission.

 Science turns slimy, oozy, gooey and explosive for two weekends in August during The Franklin Institute’s MESS FEST.  Science educators at The Franklin Institute have come up with some of the biggest and messiest science demonstrations that are guaranteed to amaze and “wow”.  How high will 2,000 colorful balls soar when exploded into the air using ultra-cold liquid nitrogen and steaming hot water?  What happens when a watermelon hits the ground from 42-feet above the ground?  These are  just a few of the large-scale, messy and over-the-top demonstrations that will fill the museum and beyond -- illustrating gravity, chemical reactions, physics, pressure and many other basic (but fun) scientific concepts.

Grand-scale demonstrations will take place at the top of the hour from noon-4pm each day in the Atrium and just outside of the museum.  While the FI team prepares for the next big demo, it’s the visitor’s turn to get their hands messy with a number of continuous, hands-on activities taking place all afternoon -- totaling four straight hours of messy science fun -- for two consecutive weekends.

Grand-scale science experiments at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm include:
·         Giant ball-Explosion
·         Gravity Drop
·         Epic Soap Bubble Monster
·         Enormous Elephant Toothpaste

Ongoing hands-on activities from 12pm – 4pm include:
·         Make (and take) your own Slime
·         Alka-Seltzer Rockets
·         Bubbles Galore
·         Walk on Oobleck